Local SEO and Citations

Local SEO and Citations

Local citations are an established part of any effective local SEO strategy. They are sometimes called NAP (name, address, and phone number) data. Admittedly, their potency has lessened in recent years as search engines have become more sophisticated, but they still impact search rankings. Building citations, whether through a local citation building business or on your own, is still a work you should consider.

What is a local listing citation?

Before we go into why they’re significant, let’s clarify what a local listing citation is. This is a mention of your company information on a third-party website. This should include your company name, current address, and phone number.

Additional information may show, such as your website URL, social network handles, business hours, service descriptions, and email address.

Are citations important for local SEO?

Citations are crucial for local SEO success. According to research, they rank fifth for local pack visibility and fourth for local organic search results.

A good distribution of NAP data across the web has various indirect SEO benefits.

Directory and Review Sites Rank Highly in Google Search

Many places you’d check for citations include directory listings and review sites. These are valuable and popular resources for local consumers, and they frequently appear toward the top of search results when a local search is conducted.

You can increase your search engine visibility by claiming your profile or creating a listing in reputable directories and review sites. This enables one to enhance their ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) without engaging in direct competition with widely recognized entities such as Yelp or Tripadvisor.

According to research, local search users are most likely to click on organic search results that include lists of businesses. Claiming a listing with your NAP information completed on all directory sites — or specialty review sites relevant to your sector — might place you one click away from a first-page position. The substantial influx of monthly traffic that directories such as Yelp receive has the potential to significantly boost local visibility.

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Become Easier to Find

As a local business, the easier you find online, the greater your chances of success. Each citation you create links your firm directly to anyone looking to connect with you.

Directory listings also help people locate your business when they are seeking a local product or service, such as a plumber or barber. Many customers instinctively use directory and review sites to identify a local business that may satisfy their needs.

Having your information easily accessible in the correct locations positions you in front of anyone looking for a business like yours. For example, having a presence on Angi might benefit service businesses. Yelp is appropriate for many local companies, whereas Tripadvisor is recommended for travel firms.

Grow Your Link Profile

Building links is necessary for SEO success, but it can be tough and time-consuming. The good news for local businesses is that many locations where you’d expect to find a reference also offer the chance to link back to your website.

Some sites, including Bing and several industry-specific sites, continue to allow dofollow connections. To find fresh prospects, check out our comprehensive list of local citation sources offering dofollow and nofollow links.

Help to Establish Prominence

Directory websites and other citation sources frequently allow consumers to assess local businesses. This is fantastic news for you if you want to boost your local search visibility. This allows you to create a larger pool of good references across the web. The more these mentions you can get, the more your company becomes more visible and popular.

Another benefit is that the reviews are a ranking factor, so you get twice the benefit of increasing your local visibility.

How many citations are good for SEO?

Citations have several SEO benefits; therefore, creating as many as feasible is best. Your industry will influence how many citations you need to gain an SEO edge, with certain industries having more citations than others. Businesses on the first page of local search results often have roughly 80 citations to their name. However, this figure increases to 152 for the hotel industry, 107 for dentists, and 101 for the medical sector. 

How do I get my local citations indexed?

Developing directory listings and internet mentions that include your NAP information is not enough. You also need those pages to be indexed to reap any SEO benefits. Other strategies to boost indexing include employing a pinging service or developing a page on your website with links to all of your citations. You may learn more about how to index citations here.


In conclusion, local listing citations are pivotal to an effective local SEO strategy. Although their direct impact on search engine rankings may have diminished slightly over recent years, their overall value remains significant. Citations facilitate increased online visibility and ease of finding your business and contribute to a robust link profile. Local businesses can bolster their prominence and attract more local customers by ensuring a consistent and widespread presence of your NAP data across relevant directories and review sites. To maximize the benefits, it’s crucial to aim for as many citations as feasible and ensure they are indexed promptly. Doing so establishes a fortified foundation for your local SEO efforts, driving more traffic and enhancing your business’s online presence.

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